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Gifts from the Land of Volcanoes

This holiday season, travelers visiting El Salvador can pick up one-of-a-kind handmade gifts for family and friends back home while enjoying the destination’s signature activities. Adventure seekers can hike with an ex-guerrilla in Cinquera and take home a backpack styled after those carried during the country’s civil war. Fashionistas can create their own indigo art and apparel in Suchitoto, using the deep blue dye first utilized by the Maya. Design enthusiasts can head to the Route of Flowers for wood and wicker furniture near the town of Sonsonate. More information on these regions and activities is available here.


Dine in the "Garden of Heaven"

Located just 15 minutes from the city center of San Salvador, Jardín del Cielo is one of the newest restaurants in El Salvador and an ideal place for a local brew with a view. Its name translates to “Garden of Heaven,” which is fitting as the restaurant is set among the mountains and surrounded by lush nature. Popular dishes include traditional Salvadorean offerings such as quesadillas, nuegados (traditional cheese donuts), yuca, and more. More information is available here.


Casa de Mar

Located on the Pacific Coast in El Sunzal, Casa de Mar offers full vistas of the ocean and sandy beaches, as well as suites equipped with a living room, dining room, and private deck. When not utilizing their en suite kitchen, guests may visit the main restaurant that offers an international menu of seafood and meat dishes, as well as a clifftop view of the Pacific Ocean. Upon request, guests can partake in surfing lessons on the famed waves of Sunzal Beach, a favorite spot for surfers. More information is available here.


Tourist Routes

El Salvador is a fascinating country with multiple natural and cultural attractions. Its indigenous name, Cuscatlán, means “Land of Precious Rocks,” which is precisely what visitors find within the country. Nine tourist routes have been designed so visitors may be in close contact with the country’s impressive places, culture, and people. The main routes are designed to visit volcanoes, villages, beaches, archeological sites, mountains, artisans, and more. Visitors can experience each route via rental car or by arranging an organized tour. More information on the tourist routes is available here.

Q & A

Camilo Menéndez

Founder, Palo Verde Hotel

What is one off-the-beaten path activity visitors must try?

Taking a surfing lesson in El Salvador is an experience not to be missed.

List your top three favorite reasons to visit El Salvador, and why.

  • Surfing: El Salvador has a world-class point break and many black sand beaches to paddle out to score great waves. Whether visiting the wild west in San Miguel and Usultan, or the popular La Libertad, your visit will be full of nature, nice people, and good food.
  • Santa Ana Volcano: Hiking Santa Ana Volcano is priceless. From the top, enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Coatepeque and Izalco Volcano, a unique nature combination all in one place.
  • Joya de Cerén: This archaeological site is of unique value to humankind and our ancestors. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that should be included in any visit to El Salvador.

Where would you send a client to experience the rich culture of El Salvador?

I would suggest Suchitoto. It is a beautiful colonial town rich in culture.

If you had just four words to describe El Salvador, what would they be?

Destination to be discovered.

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